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Re: Configuration

Thibaut Colar wrote:

> On the company website, at some point i got sick of the web.xml
> changing all the time and restarting the webapp, and i had made a
> small app that was some html pages, where you can see all the
> servelts, there mappings, the number of time they got requested and
> the number of time there was an error. also there was a save button to
> save the config to disk, so it was reloaded later.
> So you could edit that, and reload the servlet on the fly, and it
> worked good, of course this was all in java and not very well done :-)
> , so it' no use to you, but i found it very practical for
> testing/debuggin/easy changes and no need to reload the whole webapp,
> so maybe whatever format you pick, you could have a cool tool like this ?
> Though i have no idea if "reloading" a C++ servlet is actually doable :-)

Yes - definitely doable - dlopen() interface has dlclose() function that
will allow unloading DSO.
How soon I'll get around to implementing this is entirely different
question though ;-)
But you are right - some sort of web-configurator is something we want
to have eventually.

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