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Re: Implementing "Create Topic" [was: Identical UMO titles in UU]

In my expirience, online store applications tend to use resourses like
stored procedures, beans, server side scripts for internal stuff and
simplify work of front-end developers. Because, probably, they don't just
sell their product to online store users, but want them to be able to do
simple front-end development by themself.
Also I dealt with at least 4 well-build online applications and all of
them used session object for storing user data(as we do already) and stuff
like number of products in user basket only. Any product/category(analog
our UMOs) related data was in query strings. Perhaps, they thought it's
more reliable, I'm not sure.
Our case is different, so let's see if it will work out well.

> When, generally speaking, it is better to use stored procedures and when
> html or query string is better to store data in between requests?
> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
>> Don't confuse passing data between requests with passing data within
>> request. When data is only relevant withing single request (i.e. piece
>> of
>> information retrieved from the database, passed to CSP for rendering),
>> you _should_ store it in the request.
>> When data persists between requests, you can either store it in HTML as
>> hidden field or part of a link, or some such, or you can store it in
>> the session.
>> Each have their own appropriate uses. Just do not forget about that.
>> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>>> Hmm... My approach was the opposite - I was trying not to store data in
>>> the session, but in request. Ok, I'll store it in the session object
>>> then.
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