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Re: Versioning

> If we look at "minor edit" and "UMO linking" as at 2 completely
> independent events that may happen during editing process, I'm totaly OK
> with that.
> However those events may happen in any order, linking may be done after
> publishing. It means that 2 versions of U will be created - U-4 after
> publishing based on U-3 and U-5 after linking based on U-4.
> This will certainly keep things easier for us, but, on the other hand,
> from UU point of view it's better to force Author to complete all his
> changes in only one version - UU-4. And I don't see any user-friendly way
> to force Authors to do that except some ugly alert on "Publish" event:"Did
> you finish your linking for this object?".
> By the way, what if Author wants to link to U-3 not just C, but several
> others? Create multiple versions for each assignment? Maybe multiple
> assignments that I suggested will help here?
> Anyways, maybe creating new version after each change is not such a good
> idea?

In addition to the above. If we implement new link creation policy as it's
defined right now, it means that a course that "contain several child
UMOs" and "that was build from the scratch by it's original Author" will
always have version higher than 1.
So, for example, when you create a Topic T from the scratch which has 5
subTopics, 10 Tests and 15 Problems, T version will be at least T-30 after
it's original creation.

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