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Re: Versioning

Another question, just to clarify. Looks like this statement is no longer

>> New versions aren't created even if object links
>> are changed, until object is published.

Is it true?

If we look at "minor edit" and "UMO linking" as at 2 completely
independent events that may happen during editing process, I'm totaly OK
with that.
However those events may happen in any order, linking may be done after
publishing. It means that 2 versions of U will be created - U-4 after
publishing based on U-3 and U-5 after linking based on U-4.
This will certainly keep things easier for us, but, on the other hand,
from UU point of view it's better to force Author to complete all his
changes in only one version - UU-4. And I don't see any user-friendly way
to force Authors to do that except some ugly alert on "Publish" event:"Did
you finish your linking for this object?".
By the way, what if Author wants to link to U-3 not just C, but several
others? Create multiple versions for each assignment? Maybe multiple
assignments that I suggested will help here?
Anyways, maybe creating new version after each change is not such a good

> Let's look at this scenario this way.
> Let's say UMO U has 3 versions: U-1, U-2, U-3.
> 1. Author opens U for edit, actually sees U-3 version b/c it's the HEAD
> version and the only one that available for editing.
> 2. Author tries to link to U another UMO C (C previously wasn't linked to
> U, or better say, to U-3. If it was, Author gets a warning that "Umo C
> already linked to UMO U")
> 3. UU prompts Author to confirm the creation of the new version of U: U-4.
> 4. Author confirms.
> 5. UU creates new version U-4(still unpublished). U-4 has C as a child
> UMO.
> 6. Author performs minor edits to U-4.
> 7. Author publishes U-4.
> Questions:
> What happens to U-4 if Author quits without publishing after steps 5 or 6
> above? UMO C already linked to U-4. Are we going to unlink it then? Maybe
> step 5 should be after step 7?
>> And perhaps add a warning, something along the lines of
>> "You are about to create new version now. Do you want to proceed?"
>> So, full use case will be something like:
>> 1. User opens an object for edit.
>> 2. User tries to change an UMO link
>> 3. UU prompts user to confirm new version creation
>> 4. User confirms
>> 5. UU creates new (and unpublished) version of an object
>>     and with requested UMO linking change done.
>> 6. All further changes are accepted without creating new version
>> 7. User publishes UMO.
>> This scenario presumes following things:
>> 1. We only allow versioned edits of "head" version - that is the
>>     latest version of an UMO
>> 2. User is trying to edit HEAD version (changes to the scenario
>>     for other cases are left as an exercise to the reader)
>> 3. UMO cannot be "unpublished" once it is published.
>> These requirements weren't clearly defined previously
>> (nor, in fact, were they discussed before). Now is the time to
>> voice your concerns, and propose solutions. Otherwise I'll
>> put this into the spec.
>> --
>> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
>> Total Knowledge. CTO
>> http://www.total-knowledge.com

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