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Re: Versioning

Let's look at this scenario this way.
Let's say UMO U has 3 versions: U-1, U-2, U-3.
1. Author opens U for edit, actually sees U-3 version b/c it's the HEAD
version and the only one that available for editing.
2. Author tries to link to U another UMO C (C previously wasn't linked to
U, or better say, to U-3. If it was, Author gets a warning that "Umo C
already linked to UMO U")
3. UU prompts Author to confirm the creation of the new version of U: U-4.
4. Author confirms.
5. UU creates new version U-4(still unpublished). U-4 has C as a child UMO.
6. Author performs minor edits to U-4.
7. Author publishes U-4.

What happens to U-4 if Author quits without publishing after steps 5 or 6
above? UMO C already linked to U-4. Are we going to unlink it then? Maybe
step 5 should be after step 7?

> And perhaps add a warning, something along the lines of
> "You are about to create new version now. Do you want to proceed?"
> So, full use case will be something like:
> 1. User opens an object for edit.
> 2. User tries to change an UMO link
> 3. UU prompts user to confirm new version creation
> 4. User confirms
> 5. UU creates new (and unpublished) version of an object
>     and with requested UMO linking change done.
> 6. All further changes are accepted without creating new version
> 7. User publishes UMO.
> This scenario presumes following things:
> 1. We only allow versioned edits of "head" version - that is the
>     latest version of an UMO
> 2. User is trying to edit HEAD version (changes to the scenario
>     for other cases are left as an exercise to the reader)
> 3. UMO cannot be "unpublished" once it is published.
> These requirements weren't clearly defined previously
> (nor, in fact, were they discussed before). Now is the time to
> voice your concerns, and propose solutions. Otherwise I'll
> put this into the spec.
> --
> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
> Total Knowledge. CTO
> http://www.total-knowledge.com

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