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Re: Difficulty levels

Honestly, the community-set level of difficulty is useless. The level of difficulty is a part of information. It should be defined by the author and nobody else. The community opinion about the difficulty may be used as purely statistical, untrusted information.

2006/12/12, Anatoly Volynets <av@total-knowledge.com>:
Once again, there are two unrelated issues in one here:

1. An UMO difficulty level  (DL) in the Repository, which is set by
community voting  (probably by  authors and students  - this is to be
2. This same UMO DL in the course or among courses by the same Author,
set by the Author.

This is why I incline to have two part DL mark: n-m, say n - stands for
the Repository DL, and m stands for the DL set by the Author.

n,m are integers, starting from 0.

We probably need to foresee a situation when somebody discovers a
problem, which is easier to solve then one of DL =0. Any suggestions
about that?

Regarding any additional functionality (like work flow) that can be
derived from DL, I would leave it for next UU versions.

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>> OK. Let's go over this in detail.
>> First what we want to achieve.
>> There are objects whose presentation order is undefined.
>> i.e. What order do we show explanations in, when topic is first accessed?
>> What order do we preset problems to solve in?
>> Sure, some times it's rigidly defined by teacher ( i.e. problem B must
>> be solved only after problem A is solved), but sometimes it
>> doesn't matter as much. At the same time we may want to provide
>> teacher to give some guidance to students. One such way is to allow
>> to set "difficulty" level on objects, and then have student set their
>> preferred difficulty level (on per-course basis). Then, when rendering
>> object lists, objects of his preferred difficulty level will be rendered
>> first.
>> Now questions:
>> 1. What object difficulty level should be bound to? i.e. can same problem
>>     have different levels in different courses. How do we organize that?
>>     What if the problem is in different courses as a result of being
>> included
>>     in some sub-topic...
>> 2. Who sets the difficulty level? Should it be affected by user votes?
>> 3. Should we allow authors arbitrary levels or should we have a
>> predefined set?
>> 4. Should we allow authors arbitrary level names or should we just stick
>> with numerics?
>> If you have more questions, add them to the list.
> Perhaps questions below should be answered too:
> 5. What happens when author adds object to his course from the Repository?
>    Is difficulty level of that object stays the same or will be determined
>    by current author?
> 6. Will teacher be able to assign his course objects to students by level of
>    difficulty?
>> --
>> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
>> Total Knowledge. CTO
>> http://www.total-knowledge.com


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