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Re: Difficulty levels

Once again, there are two unrelated issues in one here:

1. An UMO difficulty level (DL) in the Repository, which is set by community voting (probably by authors and students - this is to be discussed) 2. This same UMO DL in the course or among courses by the same Author, set by the Author.

This is why I incline to have two part DL mark: n-m, say n - stands for the Repository DL, and m stands for the DL set by the Author.

n,m are integers, starting from 0.

We probably need to foresee a situation when somebody discovers a problem, which is easier to solve then one of DL =0. Any suggestions about that?

Regarding any additional functionality (like work flow) that can be derived from DL, I would leave it for next UU versions.

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
OK. Let's go over this in detail.

First what we want to achieve.
There are objects whose presentation order is undefined.
i.e. What order do we show explanations in, when topic is first accessed?
What order do we preset problems to solve in?
Sure, some times it's rigidly defined by teacher (i.e. problem B must
be solved only after problem A is solved), but sometimes it
doesn't matter as much. At the same time we may want to provide
teacher to give some guidance to students. One such way is to allow
to set "difficulty" level on objects, and then have student set their
preferred difficulty level (on per-course basis). Then, when rendering
object lists, objects of his preferred difficulty level will be rendered

Now questions:
1. What object difficulty level should be bound to? i.e. can same problem
    have different levels in different courses. How do we organize that?
    What if the problem is in different courses as a result of being
    in some sub-topic...
2. Who sets the difficulty level? Should it be affected by user votes?
3. Should we allow authors arbitrary levels or should we have a
predefined set?
4. Should we allow authors arbitrary level names or should we just stick
with numerics?

If you have more questions, add them to the list.

Perhaps questions below should be answered too:

5. What happens when author adds object to his course from the Repository?
   Is difficulty level of that object stays the same or will be determined
   by current author?

6. Will teacher be able to assign his course objects to students by level of

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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