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Re: Difficulty levels

> 5. IMHO, the object comes from the repository w/o the level of difficulty
> that should be assign by author, or is considered as having lowest
> possible level.

It may come from the Repository with it's original difficulty level just
as an additional info for the current Author, so he knows how this UMO was
rated by an original Author and may use it at the similar level in his

> 6. IMHO, author should assign an object to a group of students (filtered
> or
> selected from the list). It's also possible to assign a group of objects
> (filtered or selected from the list) to a student or a group of students

Good point, I missed this functionality in my mockups. I have View
pages("Students that study a Course" and "Student's Courses"), but no
Teacher/Student "assign UMO" workflow. It can be very similar to what
Author does when he "collects" UMOs from the Repository, though.

> 2006/12/12, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
>> Perhaps questions below should be answered too:
>> 5. What happens when author adds object to his course from the
>> Repository?
>>    Is difficulty level of that object stays the same or will be
>> determined
>>    by current author?
>> 6. Will teacher be able to assign his course objects to students by
>> level
>> of
>>    difficulty?
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> Alexey Parshin,
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