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Re: UU Object Diagram

One more. Said correlation is, most probably, done by voting. Say, community votes a problem block as difficult as "3". The author designates it as the most easy to solve, level - 0. Its difficulty mark then: 3-0. Something like this?

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
Updated uu.xmi attached

(moving this over to UU list)

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
I looked at your diagrams and I have some questions/comments.

1. Regarding Levels of Difficulty.
You mention it in your comments, here is the link(2nd paragraph):
I thought we would set Levels of Difficulty at a course level,
Err... "Thus, student can select default difficulty level (probably on
per-course basis),"
_student_ choses his default difficulty level on per-course basis (this
is not reflected
in scheme, yes). This is different from what creator of a course does...

So, what the creator of a course does?
As I understood and reflected in the page mockups, an author adds/removes
levels of difficulty on per-course level. All UMOs that belong to the
course have those levels of difficulty available for use(some children
UMOs may not  be implemented for certain level of difficulty). A child UMO
cannot have more levels of difficulty than it's course.
Am I wrong?

 you have
getDifficultyLevel() only in "Problem" interface.
Is it on purpose?

Not on purpose. Just that the diagram is far from being even half-baked.
It lays down some ideas, but that's it.

Based on my previous comment I moved getDifficultyLevel() from "Problem"
to "StudyObject".

I added some new operations and functions from my diagram with
documentations. I have bunch of activity diagrams but I can't find the way
to copy them from mine to uu.xmi.They are all either one-liners or
represent simple loop anyway.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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