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Re: Session Language?

I agree with Ilya.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
> I think a better way is to have a "request" language, which could be passed
> from UMO to UMO for special cases like translation, but which would
> disappear
> once the translation process is no longer happening.
> Reason: I have recently had an experience with translating a site run by
> a content management system (drupal). The system follows your way
> (default language, user preferred language, current (session) language).
> Translating mistakes occur all the time, since end users keep forgetting to
> switch session language when creating a translation.
> Thus - I want to make it very explicit which language the content being
> created
> is in.
>    Ilya.
> Alexey Parshin wrote:
>> After implementing partial functionality of UMO edit, I've ran into an
>> interesting problem:
>> When user wants to translate a UMO, he (she) opens the UMO. The UMO is
>> shown in one of the languages of { preferred for this user, default
>> for this UMO }. If the user wants to translate a UMO to a language
>> that is different from { preferred for this user }, he (she) selects a
>> language from combo box and clicks on the translate button. Then, the
>> UMO content in required language is automatically created.
>> The problem is, in order to see that UMO content (in required
>> language), one has to change own preferred language (in account
>> settings, not implemented yet but coming soon) to that language. Same
>> problem occurs if UMO has content in multiple languages already, and
>> user wants to see a particular language content.
>> My suggested solution is to have a session active language that is
>> changed (in session) if users selects a content on some language or
>> clicks on 'Translate'. By default, that language is set to preferred
>> at the session start.
>> -- 
>> Alexey Parshin,
>> http://www.sptk.net

Anatoly Volynets, President

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