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Re: Session Language?

I think a better way is to have a "request" language, which could be passed
from UMO to UMO for special cases like translation, but which would disappear
once the translation process is no longer happening.

Reason: I have recently had an experience with translating a site run by
a content management system (drupal). The system follows your way
(default language, user preferred language, current (session) language).

Translating mistakes occur all the time, since end users keep forgetting to
switch session language when creating a translation.

Thus - I want to make it very explicit which language the content being created
is in.


Alexey Parshin wrote:
After implementing partial functionality of UMO edit, I've ran into an interesting problem:

When user wants to translate a UMO, he (she) opens the UMO. The UMO is shown in one of the languages of { preferred for this user, default for this UMO }. If the user wants to translate a UMO to a language that is different from { preferred for this user }, he (she) selects a language from combo box and clicks on the translate button. Then, the UMO content in required language is automatically created.

The problem is, in order to see that UMO content (in required language), one has to change own preferred language (in account settings, not implemented yet but coming soon) to that language. Same problem occurs if UMO has content in multiple languages already, and user wants to see a particular language content.

My suggested solution is to have a session active language that is changed (in session) if users selects a content on some language or clicks on 'Translate'. By default, that language is set to preferred at the session start.

Alexey Parshin,

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