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Re: Logical relations between students/teachers/etc and groups, classes, and courses

Alexey Parshin wrote:

2008/7/10 Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com <mailto:ilya@total-knowledge.com>>:

    Alexey Parshin wrote:
    > Object relations:
    >    1. The central unit of hierarchy is Class. Class has a title
    and description.

    >        (There is still a question about title/description in
    preferred language, but that's a separate issue).
    >        Class may be connected to any number of courses, and vise
    versa (many to many r/ship).
    >        Class may include several groups with different group
    types (TEACHERS, STUDENTS, etc).
    >        Class also defines subscription rule that defines ether
    the class is free or has a price or a periodic payment.
    >    2. A course is defined as a record with a compulsory
    reference to TLT (Top Level Topic) version.

    >        Therefore, a course defines a version snapshot of the UMO
    hierarchy for the TLT.
    That's not what the original design had. Course is an object
    connected to TLT.

Do you mean that course is a UMO?

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