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Re: Implementing "Create Course"

2007/5/27, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
> Course is defined in study_course table. The difference between TLT and
> another topic is in connection to study_course and course_server (through
> server_to_tlt).
> May be we don't need study_course table at all? Then we have just TLT,
> class, and connector between them. There would be only one problem after
> that: If new version of TLT is created, do we keep class connected to the
> old one?

I think we should keep class connected to the old version(the one that was
used during class creation) of TLT.
I checked your discussions regarding classes, but it's hard for me to make
a call on this. I think in the case you suggested a Class should somehow
take over the properties that were handled by Course(like price, course
type(free or paid)), then imho it would work.

A course may include several TLTs, potentially. At least, I don't see - why not. The current implementation is wrong, anyway.

> Course-related functions are defined in study_course.sql. The course is
> created during TLT creation.

I think _TLT_ should be created during Course creation. There should be 2
ways of doing it:

Currently, it's the other way around. A course is created during TLT creation.

1. Course created the same way as any topic from user POW + Course related
features like price. TLT created on background.

We don't have course price for students anymore. We will have class subscription rules (not implemented yet) that involves the price. 

2. Course created by using any existing Topic + Course properties. Topic
marked as TLT on background.

Actually, we declared that TLT/not TLT type is declared during the topic creation and should never be changed afterwards. That is required to keep the TLT initialization in one place - topic_create_tlt().
It all may be changed, but we gotta discuss it first..

I checked study_course.sql and one thing I didn't understand:
Why do you insert into study_course base topic ID, not topic ID that was
used during Course creation? How would you know based on which version of
Topic this Course is created?

Probably, you need the latest version. That was changed yesterday, I believe.

Alexey Parshin,

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