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Re: CPPSERV 0.1.118 release announcement

Oopsie. Small compile error crept in, so right on top of 0.1.118
I'm releasing 0.1.119.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:
Hello folks!

It's been a while since CPPSERV release announcement.
In fact last one was ten releases ago.
Yes, it's time for 0.1.118. This is a big release.
In fact, I feel that it would be appropriate to
bump version to 0.5, once it's been out for a while,
provided no new bugs will be discovered.
CPPSERV, along with CSP (C++ Server Pages) is
currently being used by myself in two large projects
(one propriatary, one open source), so it's getting
a lot of good real-life test coverage.

Here is the summary of changes since 0.1.108:

- Various API fixes to improve conformity and usability
- Implemented almost all API functions with something
 that makes sense (especially, 0.1.118 itself adds correct
 implementations for all things related to physical and
 virtual paths)
- Clean up C++ to compile with gcc-4.3 (thus officially
 supported compiler list is gcc-3.3.x - gcc-4.3.x, although
 other compilers might work as well)
- Fix problems with different versions of flex
- Allow build system to handle install paths correctly
 on 64bit plaforms
- Improved config parsing infrastructure
- Improved uncaught exception handling
- Use libmagic for ServletContext::getMimeType, when available

There are no more FIXMEs or TODOs in cppserv, which could
be handled at this time.

Next step is to write a complete test suit with unit tests
for every API function, as well as do some true load testing.



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