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Re: cppserv patch

Matt Klaric wrote:
Matt Klaric wrote:

I was attempting to use cppserv on Gentoo Linux with version 2.2.8 of
Apache and version 1.2.11 of APR.  I ran into a few problems which are
addressed by my attached patch.
Interesting. I currently have cppserv running happily on Gentoo
with apache-2.2.8.
Although I do have older version of APR installed alongside with

On a different, machine that has a 0.9.x version of APR along side the
newer 1.2.x version cppserv compiles just fine.  It's only on a brand
new install that only has the 1.2.x version that I have problems.
I guess an easy fix for me would be to make ebuild depend on apr-0.9.* :)
First, the simplest one is that Gentoo names uses the name apr-1-config
instead of apr-config.  Thus, I added a line to check for that app after
checking for apr-config.
Is apr-1-config a standard name for apr-config in apr >=1.0?
If not, then this should be a modification of the ebuild
(you can explicitly pass full apr-config path to make)

I honestly don't know for sure what the "standard" is.  This is the case
in Gentoo, but I don't know about other distros.  My thought was that it
can't hurt to check for apr-1-config after checking for apr-config.  At
least then, it will cope with Gentoo's potential differences--at least
until the APR ebuild can be fixed.
I actually meant fixing cppserv ebuild (which I'm going to do today,
along with making .106 ebuild release).
Second, a few things have apparently changed in the newer versions of
APR.  Namely, the signature for apr_socket_create function has been
modified and the APR_BRIGADE_FOREACH macro has been removed.
Additionally, the macro APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS no longer exists.  My
patch addresses each of these issues.
I still need to be able to run with apache-2.0, which your patch
doesn't support.

I guess the right thing to do is to detect which version of APR is
in use, and do things different based on that.

A quick glance at the 0.9.x APR seemed to show that the macro changes
that I made should work in both versions.  The function signature
changes might be more problematic.  I didn't look into those
specifically. API changes are never fun.
Yeap. I'll take care of this though.
Let me know if you need anything else from me in order to get this
integrated. Also, FYI, the v0.1.106 on the sourceforge.net site appears to be
broken.  Check out
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=137205 and look at
the size of the cppserv-0.1.106.tar.bz2 file.
Grrr... My connection was doing funky things yesterday.
What would be neat, is for SF to show size and md5 of a file
as it gets uploaded.
/me goes to put a feature request.


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