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CPPSERV v0.1.96 released

This release (along with 0.1.95) fixes two very important bugs: 
1. CPPSERV container had a race condition in its 
thread pool code, that caused deadlock under high 
2. Apache module had a resource leak, that would 
cause apache to become completely unusable after 
serving large number of requests to CPPSERV. 
Few minor performance improvements were added along the way: 
1. Some hash_maps were replaced with std::map, to 
save memory (with number of items we have in those 
maps, speed difference is next to none) 
2. Pending request queue depth is now configurable 
And finally, an important feature was added: it's 
now possible to have hidden servlets. What this 
really means, is that a servlet can be available 
through RequestDispatcher interface, for calls to 
forward() and include(), but is not callable 
directly through HTTP. This is useful, if one has 
a "controller" servlet, that does actual work, and  
then CSP (C++ Server Page), that is responsible 
for displaying. In that case, CSP can be hidden, 
and no extra input validation will need to be 
done in it.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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