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Done!: compile errors in gentoo 2006.1

Hi, Ilya

Sorry I'd been not in touch for a few weeks...
I'm sending a good news, I could at last run CPPSERV samples!

This is what I've done. Because I'm not familiar with including or
loading files, I described the configurations directory in

1)The content of /etc/apache2/modules.d/75_mod_cserv.conf

	LoadModule cserv_mocule 	modules/mod_cserv.so
	<Location /cserv>
		SetHandler cserv-handler
		CServUnixPath /tmp/cppserv.sock

2) After the description of 1),

	<Directory /var/www/localhost/htdocs>
		CServ On
		CServPort 9004
		CServHost localhost

Then I accessed to the URL http://localhost/IndexServlet, I could see
the Index page and link to HelloServlet and everywhere!

Thank you for many advices!! Now CPPSERV would be a good chance for me
to learn C++.

I will report you more if I got more interesting findings.


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