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Re: Total Knowledge вопросы для оценки

Am Samstag, 20. Mai 2006 04:13 schrieb Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh:
> By the way, one thing in terms of clustering that would
> be fairly easy to implement in CPPServ is balancing inside
> of web server front end.
> If web server module tracks sessions and makes sure to
> direct requests that belong to same session to same CPPServ
> instance, there is no need to implement session migration,
> and at the same time it gives sufficient distribution of load
> when service usage is so high that such distribution is really
> needed.
> This does require single webserver to be point of entry into
> cluster, but if web serving is the only thing it does, it should
> not be a problem - it will either serve static pages, or will
> simply forward data between client and CPPServ.
I don't know how much you are aware about my Tntnet (http://www.tntnet.org), 
but it might help you with this proxying-thing. Tntnet has a very fast and 
scalable http-engine. I have compared Tntnet with Apache2. The result is, 
that simple dynamic pages are about 20% faster than static pages with 
Apache2. Tested with enabled logging, keep-alive and 3 concurrent connections 
with ab2.

Proxying shouldn't be too hard to implement and session-tracking can be 
realized with it. Although Tntnet is a alternative to CPPSERV, but for those 
who prefer your more servlet-style API, it might help.


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