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Re: Log class problems

I like the current implementation. So far - I didn't see anything in
your arguments that would impress me. If you don't like that idea -
fine, don't sponsor it.

2006/1/31, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com>:
> Alexey Parshin wrote:
> >Setting the facility currently is implemented in constructor (it isn't
> >in CVS yet). I don't really see the need to change it on the fly.
> >
> >
> Right. My point is - whatever is done with logging internally,
> external API must stay the same.
> That is (one of the reasons) why there is clear separation between
> formatting classes and output classes. Only valid reason for extending
> stream classes is when there are manipulators that cannot be written
> on base class.
> Why is it so hard for you to do The Right Thing (TM)?
> >As for EventLog - it may be an idea. At least, it's something like
> >syslog api. But I need to read that API first before stating
> >anything..
> >
> >
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> Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
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Alexey Parshin,

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