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Re: Implementing "Create Topic" [was: Identical UMO titles in UU]

Committed revision 32. I post it on the list since my changes directly
apply to our recent discussions. Any comments are welcome.

I changed model classes and servlets code to get rid of topic and
explanation contentIDs in UI completely.
Added new Environment.csp where all variables/lists will be set before
displaying any CSP. It simplifies managing environment and keeps CSPs with
HTML clean from server side code.
Changed member variable names in model classes to make them unique.

Currently the application is able to create/view/edit topics/subtopics,
their language and explanations.
Next steps are:
Creating explanation for topic.
Modify topic and explanation at the same time.
Display multiple explanations for this topic using dropdown.
Display topics hierarchy(we discussed it with Alexey already).
Create course.

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