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Re: Identical UMO titles in UU

Well, then maybe "UMO title + description".
You mentaioned in IRC that "description is 'text' that can't be a part of
index", but I think we will need to deal somehow with UMO descriptions
anyway, b/c we have to ask user if his changes to an UMO description minor
or versioned.

> The first problem is - there may be more than one author..
> 2007/4/22, sergey@total-knowledge.com <sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
>> Currently it's possible to create topic(and any other UMO) with
>> identical
>> titles. I discussed this with Alexey, but it's not clear how UU should
>> deal with this in general.
>> My opinion is
>> "UMO title + Author" should be unique.
>> OTH, it should be possible to have different versions of UMO with
>> different titles.
> --
> Alexey Parshin,
> http://www.sptk.net

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