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UU Translations

Next in line was a discussion of how translations work.
This one doesn't seem to be a change, but rather a clarification.
Well, perhaps there is a small change, but it's an addition as opposed
to modification :)
Please read carefully and give me feedback.

1. Translations are associated with an object (as opposed to course)
2. Whenever version is created, author has two options for translations:
    a. Inherit previous version translations.
    b. Lose them.
       Idea behind this is: if change is stylistic/minor/etc., it may
       new version, yet it may not be drastic enough to affect validity of
       translations. In this case translators can catch up with it, if
       while students are using the object. However, sometimes, change
       invalidates translations completely. In this case new version
will only
       have primary language until translations are updated.
3. Translator has a tool to bring previous translation into new version,
    in case new version dropped translations, for further editing.
4. Translators get notifications whenever an object is updated
5. (For future release, I guess) There should be a tool to link an object
    to "unofficial" translations. If someone wants to make a translation for
    an object, to which he doesn't have "translator" access, (s)he can
    a copy of an object and do translation there. If later on original
    discovers that copy, he may find it interesting enough, to point people
    to it.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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