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Re: Repository

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> Another feature that may need some clarification is the Repository.
> At this point in the mock-ups I have two ways to display UMOs in the
> Repository:
> 1. All UMOs displayed with the ability to browse their hierarchy.
> http://gateway.total-knowledge.com/~sergey/UU/RepositoryAll.html
> 2. Catalogue, presented with some statistics and with the ability to sort
> by any attribute.
> http://gateway.total-knowledge.com/~sergey/UU/SearchResults.html
> Author can browse and manage his own UMOs at the "My Repository" page
> which is very similar to the main Repository page:
> http://gateway.total-knowledge.com/~sergey/UU/Repository.html

The header is not critical, but I think "My Repository" better  suits 
something like a shopping basket.  Probably, something like "My
Creations" reflects the subject better.

> Here is what we have in specs reagarding the Repository feature:
> http://www.total-knowledge.com/wiki/index.php/UU#Structured_Shared_Repository
> It says that "A UMO can get in one out of three storages":
>     * Featured Storage
>     * General Storage
>     * Disagreement Storage
> Is any of these will be implemented in the first version of UU?
The idea behind these was to have some kind of a board, similar to 
wikipedia's  one.  The board was to  decide whether an  UMO  deserves to
be put in... It is not clear, what was meant then.

Let's put it this way now:
There is a policy issue in UU. Namely, we foresee some courses or other
UMOs to be against law, public taste or something else defined by uu
host policies. Further, there must be some kind of supervision board to
determine those policy breaks. If the board votes unanimously a UMO gets
out, but if there is disagreement, the UMO gets in disagreement storage
along with a corresponding warning.  Does this make sense?


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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