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Re: UU Object Diagram

> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>> The reason for having *Multiple() versions of these functions is to
>> allow
>> Author to make multiple assignments.
> You didn't mean assignments to students, did you?

No, I meant to provide Authors with the possibility to link several, for
example, child UMOs to the parent UMO at the same time. Nothing special,
it's something that, imho, any decent web application should have. It's
like adding several products to the basket at the same time in online

>>  Let's say he created(or found in
>> Repository) a Problem and wants to link it to several Topics that he has
>> in his account at once.
> What is meant here? Does account here contain  few courses where  same
> problem can be used?

Let's say you created a problem "Trigonometry Equation" and want to add it
to topics "Trigonometry" and "Calculus" that belong to course "Math" in
one click.

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