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Re: UU Object Diagram

More questions:

- Why do you need Course::getTopTopic()?
- What is Course::setCourseType()?
(comment: whenever you have something like type, or other value set,
use enum to define exact list of acceptable  values)
- Why do you need Topic::verifySolution(Problem, result)
- How can Topic::getTrainingProblemList() and
both return std::list<Problem*>?

sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
> Well, when I was creating this interface I thought that Teacher's role on
> UI would be much more than just verifying solutions for human-controlled
> problems. Now I understand that all additional functionality will be in
> back office, so I've deleted this interface and have moved it to interface
> "Topic".
> Updated uu.xmi attached.
>> Sergey,
>> What is the reasoning behind separating out an interface "TeachCourse"?
>> i.e. why couldn't this interface be just part of Course or even Topic?

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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