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Re: Latest DB schema

Do you mean - you don't have operations at the bottom of any yellow table?

2006/11/14, sergey@total-knowledge.com < sergey@total-knowledge.com>:
No, no conflicts.
I just ran it again from different directory and got "Checked out revision
37." message again.
But this time "umbrello db.xmi" worked, but the schema looks exactly the
same as before, no stored procedures there.

> Are you sure you didn't get any conflicts or anything like that
> when updating?
> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>> Yes, I remember that. Here is what I did:
>> 1. Ran svn co ... command
>> 2. uu directory is empty for some reason, but I found new db.xmi in docs
>> directory.
>> 3. Ran umbrello db.xmi, got "There was a problem loading file" message.
>>> You should be able to. Last time we looked at it, it worked fine.
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Alexey Parshin,

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