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Re: fixes needed+

On 05/22/11 13:32, Anatoly Volynets wrote:
> 0. I couldn't manage browsing. Looks like it gives courses, but nothing
> else: there is "Browse" button after you set a filter.
For that, you'd need to fill out catalogue first. It can only be done by
catalogue managers.
I manually added you to that group for now (Need to make UI for that).
> 1. Registration requires US "State" while the country may be different
> 2. Email is optional, but this needs contemplation - we do need some
> communication channel to a user. Can we ask for skype, irc, other way to
> connect, with one of the user's choice to be mandatory?
Email is only one that we could at least try to verify. If we really need
some means of communication - email is it.
> 3. Authoright: 2001-Present
Can switch it to 2011, but can't put present on it.
> 4. Spell checking is needed
That will later be integrated into the editor, presuming your built-in
FireFox spell
checker isn't enough.
> 5. I created one course and one topic to subordinate the couse, but
> couldn't find a way to link them. Well, actually I tried to "Add
> existing" to the course and chose the topic, but it haven't appeared in
> the course Content.
"Add existing" is the way. Once you find the UMO you want to link, you
just click on it, and then on the button for the specific version. It
will link up.
It won't show up on the "Edit" page, but it will show up on the view page.

> 6. There is short description of UMOs in catalog which just disrupts the
> real description. I think "..." sign and some words like (click on the
> title to read more)  is to be added in the end.
> 7... Need to learn how to join UMOs for further testing

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh

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