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Re: UMO Edit screenshot, take two

The UI presented looks like if we agreed that _any_ UMO can have as a
child and be a child of _any_ UMO. For example a Problem can have a
Course child. I conclude this because example presented contains DOT
(Dialogue of Texts) as a child of Topic, while there initially were 3
top level UMOs: Course, DOT and Through Problem. I don't actually mind,
but am not sure that was meant to be so from technical point of view.

I don't think a field title (Language, Description, Title) needs to be
copied with every single UMO. Its content is intuitive and can be either
omitted or stated one or two times - at the top and bottom of the
corresponding column. General names like "Explanation" need not to be
there, because they are repeated in "Explanation 1" etc. names.

Functionally the page is fine. Graphic design bothers no one as of
today... I think.

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> Now - with lemon juice! Oh, sorry - with request language support.
> Description:
> By default, UMO content and title are shown in user preferred language, or
> in this UMO default language - whatever is available.
> The new feature, request language, allows to select view language from
> available (translated) languages in this UMO' content. Once selected, this
> language is passed to any operations performed on this UMO from UMO Edit
> page such as:
>    - Save
>    - Edit child UMO
>    - Publish
> Translate UMO operation also changes the request language to the language of
> translation, so Translate operation shows UMO in the correct language.
> Since last time unrelated screen elements caused some confusion, I've cut
> off everything but the work area.

Anatoly Volynets, President

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