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Classes and groups

Here is my attempt to summarize the course-class-group relations. After a discussion, I intend to write it into Wiki to prevent future questions on that matter.

1) Course is stored in study_course table, with mandatory connection to TLT.
2) Class is stored in course_class table, with optional connection to course (many to many r/ship) through course_to_class table.
3) Class contains a set of groups with different group types of { ADMINS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS, etc }
4) There is no direct subscription to Course (please confirm). There is subscription to a certain group of the class.

Now, the uncertain part:

5) A group is subscribed to a set of versions of the course TLT and all the included (at the subscription moment) UMOs.
6) The list of the subscribed courses for a person can be determined as a list of the TLTs (connected to study_course), for all the groups (connected to classes) where a person is a member.
7) For a group, class reference is optional (currently doesn't exist).

8) Subscribing one to a class means including one into the group 'STUDENTS' of the class.
9) The group type should be unique within the class (please confirm), so we can't have mor than one group of, say, students per class.

Any inforcements of described relations with foreign keys are expected to increase the performance.

After we discuss that, I'd need to understand what part of Wiki it belongs.

Alexey Parshin,

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