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Object usage payments


It's time to discuss - how do authors may define the payment policy for their UMOs. I came up with the following potential policies:

1) Fixed payment. Once an author pays a UMO, he can use it in as many other UMOs as he needs. I doubt that is what the author of this UMO wants.
2) Fixed payment for any including of the UMO in one's UMO.
3) Periodic payment: same as 1) but with lease period.
4) Periodic payment: same as 2) but with lease period.
5) ?

These policies, of course, should be implemented as stored procs, so we can always define more. But I need to estimate at least the general requirements for them.

It is more or less clear, that every non-free UMO should have an account. Such accounts would be created simultaneously with the payment policies. The absence of the payment policy indicates free object.

A separate issue is a distribution schema. A payment(s) made to a UMO account,  eventually (or periodically) should lead to author's payments.
After some money paid to UMO's account, how do we distribute this money among the authors? We can, of course, just distribute the money among the author(s) of top-level object. But, is it the only schema?

Alexey Parshin,

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