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Re: specs etc

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:

Now I realise it is not enough. Another object has to be accessed
either sequantially, or conditionally, or jumped to, or in cycle.
It will still be expressed as relationship between objects, not a
separate object,
even if it's more complex then what I described.

I actually don't care wether it is an object, or a system fuction. It must work, that's it. What made me think about the object to organize flow of other objects is that such a thing (a work-flow in any form) can be of separate interest for authors and teachers. If it is, then shareability will be a problem for a system function to compare with an object, right?

What is "Dialog of texts"?

Special very simple object, which joins texts arguing or complmenting
each other.  The form of course is not quite suitable for this.

You meant "form of a course", right?
I meant it in generic form: course as such is not quite suitable form to organize dialogue of texts.

How will it be presented to an end-user? What is going to be so special
about it?

Right question! We need to specify it. Say, title, list of texts with some related data (author, time , sourse...), and supposed links between them. Links of different types: contradicts, develops, doubts, complements. Probably, smth. else. Let's think together for a little while and I'll put it in specs in few days. All right?


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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