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Various Linux/MIPS kernel binaries

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Binaries of IP32 (SGI O2) Linux kernel

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh

Here are some binaries of SGI O2 kernels, that I am able to boot. They are built from my working tree. Some of my patches are available at min patchset page. Note, however, that R10K/R12K kernels are still not supported. R10K workaround have not been implemented. They may (or may not) boot, and even may run for a short while, but don't ask me anything about them.

Also included is binary of IP27 (Origin 200/2000) kernel. It is based on CVS + some minimal patches from Ralf.

If you have any questions about these kernels, feel free to (in order of preference):

  1. Email mailing list (
  2. Ask on irc://
  3. Email me.
Note: before doing any of above, you have to read this guide.

R5K, 64bit.config2004-01-15
R5K, 64bit, FB.config2004-01-24FB is configured with 2M of RAM - limits modes available respectively.
R1[02]K, 32bit.config2004-01-25This one should run on both R10K and R12K. Runs surprisingly well on R12K so far, despite the fact R10K workaround is still unimplemented.
R5K, 64bit, FB.config2004-03-15Minpatchset kernel. FB is configured with 2M of RAM - limits modes available respectively.
IP27.config2004-04-28IP27 (Origin200 & Origin2000).
IP27.config2004-05-28IP27 (Origin200 & Origin2000).
IP27.config2005-07-03IP27 (Origin200 & Origin2000). Diff against CVS
IP27.config2006-09-05IP27 (Origin200 & Origin2000). Git as of 2006-09-05 + some patches from Gentoo mips-sources tarball

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