Asking questions on #mipslinux

Survivors Guide

Asking questions on #mipslinux is daring task, and can be painfull or even worse, but for those who master it, reward will be great. To avoid extra luser noise, and help people get through this mission without to much damage we have prepared this little test. If you can answer these questions, you have a chance. If you go in there and ask any of these, you are doomed

If you have SGI system, and would like to talk about it, here are few more things you better have answer to before you go into #mipslinux and get your butt kicked.

To make your search for answers easier, we even prepared few URLs...

Here are few more sudgestions to help you survive.

Oh, and did I mention that you should do your own research before asking questions?

1 OK, I'll give answer for this one, as it's hard to find out for yourself. As of this wrighting, you should use gcc-2.95.x for compiling kernels, and gcc-3.3.x for userland (where x is latest minor release of respective branch of gcc). Use latest H.J.Lu release of binutils. Use latest release of glibc.