General Requirements:

All candidates have to show some participation in at least one OSS project.
While people without it will be considered, chances of someone with demonstrated OSS work will be much higher.
General Linux knowledge

Embedded developer

  • Knowledge of Linux kernel internals:
    • Device driver API (primarily networking)
    • Memory management
  • Networking:
    • Good understanding of IP protocols (TCP, UDP)
    • Good understanding of bridging, IP and Ethernet filtering and the way it's implemented in Linux kernel
    • For some positions good understanding of wireless-related protocols
  • Architectures:
    • at least one of Arm and MIPS
    • at least some understanding of x86
    • x86_64 will help
  • GNU make
  • General Linux programming:
    • Shell programming (bash)
    • Standard tools (sed, awk, etc.)
    • Some scripting language (perl, python, etc.)

Web developer

  • Basic knowledge of Linux programming:
    • Shell programming (bash)
    • Standard tools (sed, awk, etc.)
    • Good knowledge of some scripting language (Perl, Python, etc.)
  • C++
  • Databases:
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Generic database interfacing concepts (SQL, client APIs)
  • Java web development:
    • Servlet API
    • Higher-level frameworks (STRUTS, EJB, etc.)

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