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Release announcement: 0.1.108

Hello folks,

It's been a while since I wrote one of those. Last one seems to be
0.1.96, back in November 2006.
Lots of improvements were made since then.

Core code was considerably cleaned up and reorganized.
Configuration handling code is sane and readable
now (almost). Configuration can handle CSP servlet
specification explicitly.
Some minor API hiccups were taken care of, and lot
of less frequently used API functions implemented.

Front end modules (Apache mod_cserv, and lighttpd
module) saw quite a bit of love. They both work quite
well now. Apache module now supports both apache-2.0
and apache-2.2, and can work fine with apr-0.9.x and

Another important addition is automated test suit.
Eventually I'll bring it to a point where it'll test every
single API function, and all aspects of configuration,
plus all the regressions. For now it just tests few basic

HTTP Request handling improvements:
Maximum request size functionality implemented.
UploadedFile works somewhat safer now.
If an exception occurs during request parsing,
it is caught, and an appropriate message is sent back
to client.

CSP (C++ Server Pages) improvements:
HTTP content-type header is generated properly.
Includes are fixed, and do not generate funny output
prior to included file.
Newline after CSP directives and libtags is eaten, so that
readable code can be generated.

With all these improvements, we are getting really close
to reasonable stability, and usability. Few more releases,
and I'll declare CPPSERV release 1.0.


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