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cppserv standalone usage, demos question


I am evaluating cppserv for possible usage. I have downloaded cppserv-0.1.100
When I tried to use it in standalone mode I have immediately stumbled on several
issues. Is cppserv supposed to be accessed directly to the tcp port by browser?
When I try to access it this way, the browser hanged waiting for reply. Investigation
has shown that cppserv expects url in requesthandler.cpp, but actual line received
from browser was "GET <url> HTTP ....."

When I fixed that, browser would not recognize the reply as html since the
operator, which generated correct first header line in HttpServletResponseImpl.cpp
was commented out.

Are these just bugs or do I miss sthing?

Another problem occured when I tried to run csp-store demo from cppserv-samples-
When I start the demo, the following error occurs:

Could not locate servlet ShoppingCartView.csp in the library debug/./csp-store/ShoppingCartView.so: debug/./csp-store/ShoppingCartView.so: undefined symbol: ShoppingCartView.csp_createServlet
error during configuration: Unable to process configuration

How do I handle this one?

Best regards
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