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Re: Problem with initializing a servlet.

Yes, it works in samples. But the difference is that it's called in
service() there, not init().
I tried to call it in UuServlet::service() too and getInitParameter()
worked just fine.

> Is that how samples do it? Does it work in samples?
> sergey@total-knowledge.com wrote:
>>> You should never be overriding Servlet::init(ServletConfig&)
>>> There is another one - HttpServlet::init() - not the empty parameter
>>> list.
>>> You should override that one (and there is no need to call parent's
>>> init() method -  it's empty.).
>> I tried that initially, but with the same result: getInitParameter()
>> operations returned null.
>> That's why I tried init(ServletConfig&) hoping that it will create
>> config
>> object. Apparently it didn't.
>> Any ideas why getServletConfig().getInitParameter("bla") does not work
>> in
>> init()?
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