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missing endif on compiling

This is my first time to try CPPSERV.
When I run 'make' in the extracted cppserv-0.1.94 folder,
program is aborted with following message:

env-tests/env-test-custom.mk:3: *** missing `endif`. Stop.

I use SUSE Linux 10.1 with gcc 4.1.0, GNU Make 3.80. Also tested gcc
3.3.6 with the same environment.
Further using SUSE Linux 9.0 with gcc3.1 (sorry I missed Make version),
all returned the same message as above.

Do someone have any information of it?
Or, if you have successful environment (SUSE or any other) to install
and run, please let me know. I would like to test it first, if I could.


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