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CPPSERV 0.1.90 is out

Release 0.1.90 is more or less what will become CPPSERV-0.2.
It has new API (lot closer to what Java Servlet API specifies),
and, most importantly, contains CSP (C++ Server Pages) compiler.

The CSP compiler translates mixture of markup language and C++
into a servlet, which can then be compiled and loaded into CPPSERV,
just like any other C++ servlet. I've decided not to over-complicate
things, and not to implement run-time compilation of CSP.
The CSP compiler was imported from CXXSP project. Thanks to
Krzysztof Rzymkowski <mailto:rzymek@users.sourceforge.net> for writing
this wonderful piece of software.

This release also contains an ability to listen for requests on
Unix-domain socket in addition to TCP socket.

Other improvements: switch over from auto-tools, update to SPTK-3.2.x

Sample applications package has been updated for new API. It now also
contains port of Krzysztof's <mailto:rzymek@users.sourceforge.net>
sample store written using CSP.

Goals for next release: bug hunting and documentation updates.
Once everything settles down, we will be ready for 0.2

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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