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Re: Sessions

Although, I will not be the one who calls all these fine individuals to 
life, I was very impressed and pleased to read it.

Good work and good luck to us all! It is a big hope peeping out from 
bushes here!

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:

: So, I implemented basic session management.
: Currently it is implemented as follows:
: 1. One can call request.getSession().
:     if no session exists, or session have expired/been invalidated, new
: session is
:     created implicitly.
: 2. One can call request.isRequestedSessionIdValid() to find out if user had
:     an expired session
: 3. Sessions are identified through cookie, which is for now
: unconditionally set with no timeout
:     (that is, it lives as long as browser in't closed)
: 4. Session attributes all have to be derived from cserv::CPPServObject
:     (see src/test/Servlet2.cpp for an example of how to use
: cserv::CPPServObjectWrapper)
: 5. All attributes have to be allocated on heap.
: 6. All attributes are deleted() when session dies.
: 7. Actual clean-up of session may happen later then it expires. However,
: if user requests
:     it once it expired, he will still get a new one, and old one will
: die eventually.
:     There is separate thread runnig, that periodically checks and cleans
: up invalid sessions.
: 8. Currently all sessions are global. i.e. there is no concept of
: "Application context".
:     However, it would be fairly easy to add that - all we need is to
: create multiple ServletContextImpl
:     objects and associate them with ServletContainer objects. (Currently
: there is one global ServletContextImpl
:     object).
: Hmm... I think I didn't forget anything...
: -- 
: Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
: Total Knowledge. CTO
: http://www.total-knowledge.com

Anatoly Volynets

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