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[cppserv-cvs] commit

cppserv/src servletconfigimpl.cpp,,,NONE,,,1.1 servletconfigimpl.h,,,NONE,,,1.1 Makefile.am,,,1.9,,,1.10 cservdemon.cpp,,,1.2,,,1.3 cservdemon.h,,,1.3,,,1.4 requestdispatcher.cpp,,,1.2,,,1.3 requestdispatcher.h,,,1.2,,,1.3 requesthandler.cpp,,,1.6,,,1.7 requestlistener.cpp,,,1.2,,,1.3 requestlistener.h,,,,,,1.2
Mon Apr 25 22:13:56 PDT 2005
Update of /data/CVS/public/cppserv/src
In directory gateway:/tmp/cvs-serv15373/src

Modified Files:
	Makefile.am cservdemon.cpp cservdemon.h requestdispatcher.cpp 
	requestdispatcher.h requesthandler.cpp requestlistener.cpp 
Added Files:
	servletconfigimpl.cpp servletconfigimpl.h 
Log Message:
- preliminary (and absolutely broken) signal handling.
- bind to IP and listen on port parameters (-l & -p)
- related to above - Request Dispatcher does not create listener any more, but rather uses reference to one created externally
- added ServletConfigImpl class - will be usefull when we have full config support

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