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[cppserv-cvs] commit

cppserv/src servletcontainer.cpp,,,1.3,,,1.4 servletcontextimpl.cpp,,,1.1,,,1.2 servletcontextimpl.h,,,1.1,,,1.2 servletrequestimpl.cpp,,,1.5,,,1.6 servletrequestimpl.h,,,1.3,,,1.4 servletresponseimpl.cpp,,,1.3,,,1.4 servletresponseimpl.h,,,1.2,,,1.3 sessionimpl.h,,,1.1,,,1.2
Fri Apr 22 11:44:54 PDT 2005
Update of /data/CVS/public/cppserv/src
In directory gateway:/tmp/cvs-serv27450/src

Modified Files:
	servletcontainer.cpp servletcontextimpl.cpp 
	servletcontextimpl.h servletrequestimpl.cpp 
	servletrequestimpl.h servletresponseimpl.cpp 
	servletresponseimpl.h sessionimpl.h 
Log Message:
Working sessions implemetation. Probably it is still full of bugs (i.e. are sessions timing out propperly, do they get cleaned when they time out/get invalidated? etc.). Plus there is bunch of test output, which needs to be cleaned out. But there is something somewhat working.

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