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[cppserv-cvs] commit

cppserv/src/libcserv Makefile.am,,,1.1,,,1.2
Tue Apr 19 00:08:41 PDT 2005
Update of /data/CVS/public/cppserv/src/libcserv
In directory gateway:/tmp/cvs-serv19069/src/libcserv

Modified Files:
Log Message:
- handle absense of servlet
- log response headers in module
- get rid of libtool warning when linking with libcserv.so 
- make sure functions that modify response headers throw exception when response is already committed
- get rid of static url_map initializer, and use config file instead
- allow to pass path to said config file from command line
- make daemonization a command line option (-d)
- remove bunch unneeded overwritten functions from Connection (leave sync in, to deambiguify it. Is there a better way?)

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