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This is high-level description of what pages are available, how they interact, link to each other, etc, how they change depending on whether user is logged in or not, and depending on user's permissions for specific object.

Each page description contains three sections.

  • Heading
  • Side bar
  • Content

Heading description only contains things specific to that page. Separate section describes things common to all pages.


Global stuff (present on all pages)

Not yet logged in


  • link to login
  • link to registration (or should we move this to login page)
  • Link to help

Logged in


  • Logout link
  • Link to help

Home Page

Entry point to the site. This page will have quite different appearance, depending on wether user is logged in or not. When not logged in, it'll provide generic info about site, as well as top-level listing of course catalogue. Once user logs in, he will see his courses (ones he is studying and ones he is an author of).

Not yet logged in


  • link to Intro

Side Bar

  • Simple course search form
  • Link to advanced search
  • Link to course catalogue


  • List of top-level course categories

Logged in

Side bar

  • Repository link
 When user wants to create a "standalone" object (i.e. one that doesn't initally belong to some specific course) he goes here.


  • List of courses currently being studied if not empty (and hide button?)
  • List of courses current user is author of if not empty (and hide button?)

Main repository page

This is main repository page. Repository provides tools for creating, editing, and linking to shared objects.