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Text in UU will be represented with a safe subset of XHTML for the most part. We might add few extensions, for inserting media, Math formulas (MathML? LaTeX?)

Text Editor

Editing will be done with TinyMCE. We'll have to write a plugin for TinyMCE, to provide simple UI-based access to multimedia objects.

We shall also provide simple plain-text editing ability for non-JS, or pure-text browsers.

On the backend, we will need a filter system, which would verify validity of the text according to the following criteria:

  • Only allowed XHTML tags are used
  • All media references are valid
  • All formulas are compileable

Sets of allowed tags and MM objects will depend on kind of text

Multimedia Objects

Once the validation is passed, list of media references will be extracted, and UMO parent-child relationships with corresponding media objects will be established.

Links to multimedia objects work just like any other umo links (new versions will notify owner or just auto-update. The only question here is if we want to auto-rewrite original object with new IDs when switching to new media object version, or if we want to make separate IDs for such links, which will be permanently preserved.


Final HTML should be cached. It would make sense to cache it at the time object is published, since published version is immutable.