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While my personal view is that grading does more harm to education then it does good, grading does have its place within the system. Its primary role is not the educational one, but rather, it allows a third party (i.e. prospective employer) to gage student's success in studying, without an in-depth examination of student's activities during the process. To make that measure accurate, simple grading is obviously not enough. Some sort of feedback system to assign weight to different graders is needed as well, but that is something for the future. Meanwhile we need to get the basic grading framework in place.

Gradeable UMOs

Final grade for a course is determined by combination of successful completion of some tasks (solving problems, passing tests, etc.) and some sort of human factor (teachers). However it does not make sense to assign grades to each UMO. Clearly, problems and tests deserve grades, while explanations - clearly don't. On the other hand, topic may be gradeable or may be not.