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(The process of getting study access to objects.)
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In order to study a course, student has to sign up for a class, which is signed up to study it.


Class creation

Class is created in the following cases:

  • New version of a course object is published

In this case a new class is created and signed up for this course automatically. It is marked as the default class for the course. The person who published the course is set as a teacher and admin of the class.

  • Someone decides they want to teach a class, and creates one

Class operations

Following operations can be performed on a class:

  • Teachers can be assigned
  • Students can request sign-up
  • Teachers can approve student requests
  • Administrators can be assigned

Signing up for a class

Classes have a "sign-up mode" attribute. It determines what is the process flow, in case a student requests to be signed up for a class. Regardless of the sign-up mode teacher may invite a student into a class, and the student will have an option of accepting the invitation.

100% free

In the simplest case student gets signed-up to a class as soon as he requests it.

Free moderated

  • Student requests sign-up
  • One of teachers approves it

Closed course

Student cannot request a sign up.

Signing up class for a course

For the time being any class admin can simply sign up the class for any course. A class can be signed up for any number of courses, even to multiple versions of a same course.