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Re: Media links

Questions regarding this topic.
1. Are we still going to implement UU texts the way it described below?
2. If yes, are we going to do it in the first version?

> OK, I'm thinking about presenting various media/images/etc. in UU
> text. Two good examples are geometry figures, that are needed
> in in problems and explanations, and math formulae.
> Geometry figures will most likely be just images uploaded to our systems.
> Formulae will be stored internally as LaTeX (how we will present them
> to user for editing, is another question). Primary difference between
> these two is that first is just uploaded file, while second is generated
> file.
> What I am thinking about right now, is that we need a "UUText" class,
> that will represent any text rendered by UU on screen. Examples of
> such texts: topic explanations, problem statements, test descriptions,
> etc.
> Internally this text will be some sort of simple markup language (either
> XML, or Wiki style - have to decide on this), that will allow linking to
> other objects. When interpreting the text, it will request those object
> from
> their respective storage places. If object needs to be generated, it will
> be generated and cached. If object generation/retrieval fails, some
> sort of appropriate "placeholder" object is returned. Then all of it is
> converted
> into HTML, and sent to browser..
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