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Explanation ID

I'm looking through the specs. Below is excerpt from the Explanation
paragraph. I don't understand the idea of the number in it. The same
explanation is not likely to be used for different topics, because it is
an explanation of _certain_ topic! It can be used in other UMOs, beyond
this course.  So, the number, if has any sense here, is number of
explanation only, to imply the quantity of them that had been written
for THIS topic. I'm not sure about "specific title" then. Probably the
number will serve identification for a user purpose good enough.
Specific title can be an optional feature if it calls for itself: I am
so specific, you ought to remember me by name!

Title is <the same as of its Topic>dot<Specific title>
 Number, starting with 1, incrementing by 1
 Number is really associated with Topic, not with explanation, as an
 can be shared between different topics.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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