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Re: Latest DB schema

Author may use Comments text area field when creating new version(example
http://gateway.total-knowledge.com/~sergey/UU/CourseEdit.html). I think we
missed this functionality in DB schema.
What about the language that will be used for notification? Is it going to
be his prefered_language or language that was used by new author in his
comments? What if it's different from user's prefered language, how will
they understand each other?

> I have added a preliminary notifications support. The current version has
> simplified data integrity since (at this moment) I believe this data is
> not
> that important to add and maintain around 6 extra tables.
> In short words, we have notification_list table that has the following
> fields (besides nl_id):
> nl_person (int) - a reference to the notification receiver person_list(
> pl_id );
> nl_even_type (int) - a bit-mask of events that trigger a notification. See
> event_type( et_value ) for possible events.
> nl_object_type (int) - a reference to the object type user_object_type (
> uot_id );
> nl_object_id (int) - a reference to the object id (not covered by the
> foreign key). Object id is an id of the object record in corresponding
> *_base table for this object type. For example, for topic objects it would
> be topic_base table.
> This schema allows to define a set of events for the particular object,
> that
> should trigger notification for the particular user. Since nl_object_id
> refers to an object and not to an object version, all versions of the
> object
> are included.
> --
> Alexey Parshin,
> http://www.sptk.net

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